Our relentless commitment to quality is evident not only in the premiere materials that we use, but also in the incredible people and the process behind them.

New Standards in Value

“Helping people fulfill their wish to stay beautiful and healthy by providing superior products and services is the Takara Belmont corporate goal”

The pursuit of beauty and health is common to people of all countries, generations, and eras. And though we have been providing products and services in these fields for many years, thinking about the role we have been allowed to play with all of the many people in these industries continues to fill me with a sense of elation, as well as of the great responsibilities we shoulder.

The recent wave of digitalization and advancing globalism has brought with it unprecedented changes in corporate management and the way we live. And we expect society to increasingly look to our industry for answers to people’s growing needs in the beauty and health fields.

SINCE 1921

A Century of Innovation

For every year that we’ve been in business, we have aimed to acknowledge, reflect, and improve our products, technology and manufacturing techniques. We try to innovate to the current needs and wants, as well as see what lays next for our customers.


October 5, 1921


Japan 58; Overseas 23


Japan 11; Overseas 14


July 1, 1951


1451 (as of March 2017)


Hairdressing related appliances and equipment
Beauty salon related appliances and equipment
Dentistry related apparatus and equipment
Medical related apparatus and equipment
Residential fittings and equipment
Hair cosmetics and foundation cosmetics
Manufacturing, sales, import/export, design and
construction related to salons, shops and hospitals.